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About Dhaatu

The urban families of today are financially successful, educated and aware. While at many levels, they are able to obtain what they set out to achieve for, there are some areas where we fall behind. Traditional wisdoms are being lost sight of. We do not have the time to really teach our children what we know subconsciously, nor are we equipped to do it. Part of the reason is that today’s earning generation grew up without being explicitly taught. The lessons and values spilled over from previous generations, uncorrupted by the disintegrating pressure exerted by many sections of the media of today. This creates a gap between what we want our children to know and what indeed they are learning on their own. We find no other way of bridging this gap than to go back to our ancient roots.

Dhaatu, a non- profit organization has been founded to address this need in today’s society. The Sanskrit word Dhaatu means root, an essential ingredient, the soul, the supreme spirit. Dhaatu seeks to introduce a direction that comes from a contemplation of our roots, our origins and our rightful place and purpose in life.

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E-mail: dhaatu@gmail.com
Phone: +91 80 65683396

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3944/F, 17th ā€˜Dā€™ Cross, 4th Main,
2nd Stage, Banashankari,

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