Motivation behind Dhaatu

Is to instill in children eternal human values and relevant wisdoms through the medium of story telling and personal interaction – utilizing the ample material for art and expression from India’s ancient wealth: captivating stories told through epics, upanishadic episodes and historical/mythological accounts of varied, colourful and inspiring personages.

To conduct classes and interactive workshops with adults – sharing traditional wisdoms about stages of life and ways of living – aimed at introducing an element of introspection and evaluation of life’s objectives.

To further traditional arts, artisans and art forms which have been instrumental in spreading traditional story lines from Indian literature and mythology and try to bring them in touch with the mainstream – by incorporating them into the courses and activities of Dhaatu.


Anupama & Vidyashankar Hoskere are Engineering graduates from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore with a Master’s degree from the US- Cal State Univ, Long Beach and Univ of Colorado, Boulder respectively.

Anupama is also a performing Bharathanatyam artist, and has choreographed ballets like Pavanasutam Bhaje Hum and Bharati Deviya Nene Nene. She is currently a member of the Karnataka Sangeeta Nrutya Academy. She is also trained in traditional puppetry of Kanrnataka. She scripts, creates the puppets and directs her puppet shows.

Vidyashankar is a civil/structural engineer by profession. He is the founder partner of Turnkey Construction Engineers, Bangalore.

Anupama & Vidyashankar passionately believe in the traditional wisdoms offered by Indian Culture. As an effort to pass on the values of life received by their generation to today’s youngsters, they started using the holidays during the Navarathri festival to display and depict stories from the Raamaayana, Mahaabhaaratha, Bhaagavatha and other Puraanas and also about temples and the diverse culture of India, a decade ago. They have also been conducting quizzes for children about Indian Epics accompanied by story-telling and puppet shows. Over time this took the shape of an organization called Dhaatu.

At Dhaatu, they hope to fill a gap between what today’s young parents know implicitly and what they are able to actively teach their kids. They aim to present it to the children in a way that they can enjoy it, cherish it and thereby gain an experience and an introduction into India’s traditional wisdoms – in the hope that this will prove to be a valuable space in their consciousness to which they can return to at any time of their lives, when they feel the need for it.


The Dhaatu Team

Founders : Anupama & Vidyashankar Hoskere

Members :
Mythily Shikaripur – Puppeteer, Bharatanatyam performing artist, Carnatic vocalist, Engineering Graduate
Chitra Rao – Puppeteer, with a degree in Business
Shobha Raj – Culture Educator & Puppeteer, Computer Engineer
Prakruti Hoskere – Star Puppeteer, Bharatanatyam performing artist, student of Architecture
Vedhus Hoskere – Star Puppeteer, National talent Science scholar ( NSTS), Student of Civil Engineering BMSCE.
Kaushik Sampath – Design Support, A traditionalist and a design Whiz- Engineering PHD student at John Hopkins
Sampats Kumar T.S. – PRO Dhaatu
Radha Sampath – Administration, Dhaatu
Divya Hoskere – Youngest member of the team, budding bharatanatyam artist
Shandilya Srivatsa – Photographer

Supported by :
Sri. M.R. Ranganatha Rao – Master Puppeteer, Guru of Anupama Hoskere
Sri. P. Praveen Kumar – Chithkala School of Dance